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XML Schema for Reports

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Sun, August 10, 2014 00:18:19
Have created the schema for XML reports for all the tools under the panspermia toolkit. The next version of ReportGen / Nothronychus will also be able to import it.
The different tags in the schema are given in the diagram below

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T Dohrnii (AutoNMap)

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Sun, June 22, 2014 21:47:39
Releasing T Dohrnii (AKA AutoNMap) to automate and analyse NMap scans.
It was part of concute, but made it as a new tool to release it faster instead of waiting for the development of concute to complete.

It automates various NMap scans and can also analyse all NMap results in a directory and merge them to generate a report of open ports identified in the scans.

Will be integrating it with Nothronychus, the reporting tool in the Panspermia toolkit in the future version to add the information to the reports generated.

Screenshot of the tool:

It produces two types of reports:
Summary without the details
Detailed report with information about each port (if available)

The following versions are currently available:
Linux 64 bit GUI - Tested on Kali Linux (All required libraries in the folder itself :) )
Linux 32 bit GUI - Tested on Kali Linux (All required libraries in the folder itself :) )

Windows 64 bit GUI - Tested on Windows 8, 7
[very soon]
Windows 32 bit GUI - Tested on Windows XP, 7 and 8.1
[very soon]

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New version of SSLAuditor / Opabinia - Under development

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Sun, February 16, 2014 18:06:43
Working on a new version of SSLAuditor / Opabinia (version 4.0).
Main changes include:
- [new] nmap xml file import
- [new] validity module - to just check for validity across a set of servers
- [new] scan tuning settings
- [new] rdp module
- [new] web server configuration checks
- [new] pdf and xml reports
- improvements to the checks and patching of the bugs identified
- Qt5 version
- Modular design


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SSLAuditor Updated Version

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Mon, April 15, 2013 20:48:07
A new version of SSLAuditor is under development.
More flexibility with finer controls.
More resilient with multiple ways of gathering information.


Screenshot URL:

Release information: May, 2013

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New Tool - BLChecker

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Mon, April 15, 2013 19:24:01
Checks an URL or a list of URLs against a blacklist database formed by merger of multiple public blacklists.

Windows and Linux.

GUI. command line version once GUI version is complete.


Screenshot URL:

Release Date: In the next few days.

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Release of SSLAuditor 3

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Tue, January 29, 2013 00:28:30
Utility to check SSL services

Check all issues on SSL including ciphers, certificates and configuration issues.
Cipher issues: sslv2 support, weak ciphers
Certificate issues: selfsigned, wildcard, expiration, weak certificate key,
Configuration issues: CRIME, , preferred cipher - BEAST, renegotiation, resumption
Flexible input - file, individual or range with multiple ports
Internal timer to adjust according to the response of the server.
Detailed and professional reporting with mitigation procedures for identified issues.

To Do:
Distribution charts [issue based and system based]
Extend check to other issues on the servers like banners, methods, internal IP address leaks, common files and known issues.
MS RDP service checker.


File name: sslauditor-3.1_win64-setup.msi
Size: 13.9 MB [14,640,128 bytes]
MD5: 8b2004ea26aed0768f53a89da99d50df
SHA1: 124d2d6feb7f6f6a8c741f9c24b51811b2ed41d2

File name: sslauditor-3.1_win32-setup.msi
Size: 13.9 MB [14,641,664 bytes]
MD5: ee9c5611579e179cc9a822ced4b1fd7c
SHA1: 886e82e63c31c4cce3740a8764208a5a5595e6dd

Sample Report:

1. VC++ libraries [setup included in the utility. If needed go to the utility directory and run vcredist_x86.exe]
2. dotNET Framework 2.0

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