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Learning Qt

LearningPosted by Aman Hardikar Sat, July 07, 2012 21:09:36
Qt is one of the best RAD tool (actually framework with libraries and
an IDE). It is very easy to learn and runs on almost all desktop,
embedded and mobile platforms. Qt also provides binding for many other languages apart from C++ like perl and python.

Following are some of the resources available to learn development in Qt:

1. Qt Official Training Material

2. Qt Documentation

3. Qt Forum

4. Voidrealms youtube video series

5. Qt Examples And Tutorials

6. Qt Books

The only prerequisite for Qt programming is knowing the basics of C++
programming. There are many resources available for learning C++.
Following are some of them:

1. C++ language reference

2. Youtube channels
XoaX Tutorials -
Series of 44 Tutorials/Lessons - Video + Code + Explanation
Strelok - C++ Tutorial -
Series of 11 Tutorials (with 3+ parts in each) Only Video

3. C++ books
Reference: The C++ Programming Language - Bjarne Stroustrup
Learning: C++: The Complete Reference - Herbert Schildt

4. University courses
MIT Opencourseware

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