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BrowserPlugins Mind map Update

LearningPosted by Aman Hardikar Thu, September 06, 2012 14:35:42
Browser Plugins mind map has been updated (version 1.4). The following plugins were added

Poster [web services] - Interact with web services and also create the complete request

User Agent Switcher [Misc] - Change User-Agent field

ViewStatePeeker [Misc] - to view data in ViewState in plain text

CryptoFox [Misc] - Encryption and decryption tool

JavaScript Deobfuscator [Page and Script Analysis] - shows the javascripts that were run on a page including obfuscated ones

Default Passwords - [Search Engines] - Search default password database


Recx Security Analyzer [Cookies, Header Analysis] - Analyze settings of cookies and headers

It is available at

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