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Release of sqlmapGUI Linux (2.4.0)

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Wed, October 10, 2012 23:38:15
I have (finally) completed porting the GUI to Linux. These days it is becoming a bit difficult to spend time on research/development as traveling to my new office eats away 5 hours of my personal time every day :(

The software is compiled using Qt 4.7.0 as they are default libraries on BackTrack 5r3. All the required plugins were already installed on BackTrack and the git update is working without any issue. I have also cleared all the identified bugs.

The deb package can be downloaded from

File size: 298KB (305,868B)
MD5: 3190ca336e40c5281784f45b17c979f9
SHA1: bfd1f64023e524652139e2cc3d59d2971e641304
SHA256: 59016560bd972693d8912a39e2f9210a9559d70059c9174c6ea74d9843091344

To install it, use the command below
dpkg -i sqlmapgui-2.4.0_qt470_bt5r3.deb

Menu item appears either in 'Accessories' or 'Other'.

If you get any symbol errors like the following, please check the version of Qt libraries on your system / VM and mail me the details. I can then compile the tool against that version of libraries.
./sqlmapgui: symbol lookup error: ./sqlmapgui: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii
To get the version, use the below command:
locate QtGui | grep lib

Please leave your feedback either by clicking on the feedback button or going to the feedback form here.

If anyone is interested in Qt4.8.1 version, please mail me and I'll mail you the link for downloading it.

The screenshots of the five tabs are below:

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