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Release of sqlmapGUI Windows no/sqlmap (2.4.0)

FreewarePosted by Aman Hardikar Tue, October 16, 2012 00:19:33
This version does not include sqlmap software. As sqlmap is not embedded in the installer, the overall size of the installer is small. The latest version of sqlmap available in the repository can be downloaded and installed after installation of this software through the interface [Use the 'First Install' button].

The software is compiled using Qt 4.8.1.

Name: sqlmapgui-2.4.0_win-setup_nosqlmap.msi
Size: 6,131,712B [5.84MB]
MD5: 5acae9259e6607ed2e8e47484f16e0be
SHA1: 024cf6879fc1ca56c07c4013c3b2f52ee66b2997
SHA256: 4f65b633d403749fb92080a3197f81968ef30167a1394da4551637e9bdbe7baa


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