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How To Convert Webex Recording (.arf) files to Other Formats

generalPosted by Aman Hardikar Tue, May 24, 2011 08:43:02

Download arf player from Webex download page and install it.
open the arf file in the player and convert the recording to wmv or swf format.
File -> Convert -> wmv or swf
URL to download player:


Download nbr2mp4 converter from Webex download page.
The setup file is script file
Installation is command line. At the shell prompt, issue the following command
Note the directory where it is installed.
Copy all the arf files to that directory.
Go to shell prompt and cd to that directory.
Then issue the following command,
./nbr2mp4 filename.arf ./ n
filename.arf is the webex arf recording file that needs to be converted
./ denotes that the converted files be placed in the present (same) directory
n is a number from 3 - 10 and denotes the frame rate. The higher the frame rate the higher is the quality. But, generally the median is good enough.
arf file = myrecording.arf
frame rate = 6
then the command is
./nbr2mp4 myrecording.arf ./ 6

URL to download nbr2mp4 converter:

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